SDD 2023 is scheduled for 15–19 May 2023

Slides, code samples and videos

If you attended SDD 2019 and you’re looking for missing or updated slide decks, code samples or session videos, please see here for details.

Slides & code samples

All the slide decks that were supplied to us in time by the speakers were distributed via the USB memory stick that you should have received at the conference.

Any missing or updated decks that we have received since the conference, along with any demo code, can be found on the agenda page – just drill down to the relevant talk, and there will be links to any missing/updated slides code samples underneath the session description (as illustrated below). CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SCHEDULE PAGE

Session Videos

Videos of the the sessions from the main conference are available shortly after the event (to attendees only).

SDD 2019 Session Videos

SDD 2018 Session Videos

If you haven’t been contacted, send an email to the following address, and we’ll reply with your login details: [email protected]