Feedback from attendees at SDD 2018


Perhaps a tad unsurprisingly, we believe that SDD is a great conference, as we work very hard to try to ensure that’s the case. However, you don’t have to take our word for it – here are the percentages of attendees who rated the following aspects of SDD 2018 as good, very good or excellent:

Overall experience


Quality of sessions


Location of the event


Quality of speakers     


Coverage of key topics


Value for money


Customer service



Reviews of each day of the main conference, 2016, by CodeSharper (Paul Davey): Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.

Comments from Twitter & evaluation forms

Here’s a selection of comments from attendees, taken from the feedback forms and Twitter for previous SDD events.

  • This year’s conference was excellent! I’ll be back for the third time next May.”
  • “Thanks @allenholub for rounding out a great week today at #sddconf. See you all next time!”
  • “#sddconf completed for another year - great sessions, great speakers - far too many to name.”
  • “Still reeling from yesterday’s sessions by Juval Löwy’s talks at #sddconf yesterday and digesting his very generous resource shares - definitely recommend his Zen of Architecture and Advanced Project Design talks.”
  • “Good good work @sddconf - many interesting sessions and look forward to the videos to catch the ones I missed.”
  • “Well that’s me done for another year at #sddconf. It was a complete blast. Great venue and hospitality as usual, excellent set of talks and really nice to get to chat to the speakers too. See you all again next year!”
  • “Great talks and good code examples on web #security from @chwenz and @leastprivilege today at #sddconf.”
  • “Really inspiring sesions today so far regarding messaging, microservices and web apps with @allenholub #sddconf.”
  • “Through sheer force of will and a little bit of magic I have managed to fit all the #sddconf loot in one bag for the last day of talks.”
  • “Great talk about asynchronous by @jeremybytes at @sddconf!”
  • “Nice change of pace this morning with @jonskeet, now in the garden room again. I can’t get over how cool this place is :-)”
  • “@KathleenDollard excellent talk at #sddconf today - enlightening me about functional programming and being really engaging all at the same time.”
  • “Great afternoon sessions with @markrichardssa #sddconf.”
  • “Great first day at this year’s #sddconf. Incredible intro to machine learning from @jprosise, then Functional C# with @kathleendollard, detecting architectural decay with @markrichardssa, and finished up with refectoring to immutability with @kevlinhenney.”
  • “Today at #sddconf . Great keynote (AI all the things!), more good stuff from juval löwy, and into code with @KevlinHenney. Pizza and beer weren’t bad either :-) See you all again tomorrow!”
  • “@jprosise Hi Jeff - thanks for a great keynote today at #SDDConf - got a use for the visual AI tool on Azure immediately!”
  • “A great set of thoughts and opinions on some of the exciting features coming at some point in C# 8 from @jonskeet #sddconf.”
  • “Great #keynote by @jprosise in @sddconf in London on #AI and #MachineLearning.”
  • “Excellent, v strongly opinionated day with Juval Löwy at #sddconf. Plenty to think about, thanks :-)”
  • “Final day at #sddconf for me. Has been really good. Has got me excited about writing software (and doing it better) again.”
  • “Excellent balance of Agile, Architecture and Tech.”
  • “Back from an awesome few days at @sddconf brain is too full right now!”
  • “Keep your staff as friendly and helpful as this year, they've been great!”
  • “2 features of a great conference: 1. Good speakers (check) 2. Good food (check). The rest is just a detail. #sddconf”
  • “@sddconf - good conference with engaged and competent speakers.”
  • “Fantastic first day at #sddconf – getting set for day 2.”
  • “I feel like my brain is saturated after 4 days of learning @sddconf. Plenty of new and useful stuff to go back to work with now.”
  • “Enjoyed a great range of talks at #sddconf - slowly dragging my knowledge out of the dark ages.”
  • “Great workshop on the Monday, wish I could have stayed for more days!”
  • “SDD conference has been awesome. Still 2 days to go #sddconf!”
  • “I thought Andy Clymer and Richard Blewett were outstanding.”
  • “Bye #sddconf – I leave a different programmer than when I arrived!”
  • "How interesting was #sddconf? Me: 33 A4 pages and 1.5cm of ink."
  • "Great conference. My first time here. Well organised, good mix of subjects, 90min sessions a good length, keynote awesome! Thanks!"
  • "sddconf over. Brain frazzled. Social skills minimal. Thanks to all speakers and conference organizers. Till next time!"
  • "It was my first time and it was great. Looking forward to next year!"
  • "Brilliant conference! Great speakers and sessions. And the staff were super nice and helpful."
  • "I came last year, I'm here this year and if I have my way, I'll be back next year!"
  • "Good to be home again after a full week of workshops and conference. Thanks @sddconf for a great conference!"