SDD Deep Dive 2017 Workshops

Thursday 9 November 2017



3-Day Workshop

Session WRK-03

Practical Microservices: nuts and bolts (architecture to implementation) – Day 3

See Day 1 of this workshop for overview.

Day 3

Heartbeating; monitoring; circuit breakers; bulkheads; testing vs alarms

User; inter-service; every service is an attack surface; service-specific attacks

Deployment and platforms
Service independence; VMs, Amazon EC2, Lambda; AWS containers; Azure Container Services; Azure Service Fabric

Allen Holub

Allen Holub

Allen is a world-class expert in Agile process, software architecture, and OO design. He's built full-stack web applications, Microservices, compilers, database servers, real-time operating systems, and more. He provides guidance and training for all sizes of organizations, working with everyone from C-levels to developers. Allen has also written a number of books (including Holub on Patterns) and hundreds of technical articles, and has taught for the University of California Berkeley Extension.

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