Brock Allen

Brock is an independent consultant with almost 20 years of industry experience, specialising in .NET, web development, and web-based security. He’s an author and instructor for developer training company DevelopMentor, where he manages the web curriculum. Brock is also a member of Thinktecture, and contributes to the various open source projects there. He frequently posts to the ASP.NET forums, is an MVP for ASP.NET/IIS, a member of ASPInsiders, and a contributor to the ASP.NET platform.

platform. http://brockallen.com  @BrockLAllen


Dominick Baier

Dominick works as an associate consultant for the German company Thinktecture (http://thinktecture.com). His focus is on identity & access control protocols and APIs, and how to apply them to real-world software projects. He started the popular IdentityModel, IdentityServer and AuthorizationServer open source projects (http://thinktecture.github.io), which are now used by many developers and companies around the world. http://leastprivilege.com  @leastprivilege


Richard Blewett

Richard is one of the founders of Rock Solid Knowledge. He has been working in the software industry for over 20 years - starting with mainframes, through the early years of client/server, to today's service-oriented world. He has spent much of his professional life working on large distributed systems, including being the middle-tier architect on the UK national police systems. He is the co-author of Pro Async Programming with .NET and a Microsoft Integration MVP. Richard is a well-known conference speaker having spoken at TechEd, DevWeek, Basta, Software Architect and Oredev, and can often be found helping people on various newsgroups, mailing lists and web forums. He is also a DevelopMentor instructor, where he writes and teaches material on a wide range of technologies. http://rocksolidknowledge.com  @richardblewett


Andrew Clymer

Prior to co-founding Rock Solid Knowledge, Andy cut his teeth working in various start-ups, programming on a host of platforms, and finally working for a company acquired by Cisco in 1997.  After working for Cisco for a few years, the pull of the start-up world was too much to resist, and he now spends his time working on RSK’s kiosk-based solutions on Windows Embedded with .NET, alongside consulting and teaching for a diverse range of clients. Andy is the co-author of Asynchronous programming on the .NET framework, published by Apress.  http://rocksolidknowledge.com  @andrewclymer


Kathleen Dollard

Kathleen wants to teach you to code better. There’s more to learn about the tools you use every day and the tools you aren’t yet using. Coding is our passion and debugging is our challenge - you’ll be happier if you do both better. Kathleen has written dozens of articles, spoken at various conferences and user groups around the world, and pushes Microsoft to respond to your real-world needs as a long-time MVP. Her open source project RoslynDom offers alterative access to information in the .NET Compiler Platform, Roslyn with a load/interrogate/mutate/build SyntaxTree model. She has courses in the Pluralsight library and a series of C# 6 webcasts now available for free on WintellectNOW. http://blogs.msmvps.com/kathleen/  @kathleendollard


Dino Esposito

A long-time trainer and top-notch consultant, Dino is the author of many popular books for Microsoft Press which have helped the professional growth of thousands of .NET developers and architects. CTO of a fast-growing company providing software and mobile services to professional sports, at the moment Dino is also a technical evangelist for JetBrains, where he focuses on Android and Kotlin development, and a member of the team that manages WURFL - the database of mobile devices used by organizations such as Google and Facebook. Recently, Dino co-authored (along with Andrea Saltarello) the second edition of bestseller Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise (Microsoft Press). http://crionet.com  @desposv


Kevlin Henney

Kevlin is an author, presenter and consultant on software development, focusing on OO design, patterns, Agile development and software architecture. He has written on the subject of programming practice for many magazines and websites, including Better Software, The Register, C/C++ Users Journal, Application Development Advisor, Java Report and C++ Report. He is a member of the IEEE Software Advisory Board and was a member of the ISO C++ standards committee. Kevlin is co-author of two books on patterns, and editor of 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know. Over the years he has spoken at numerous conferences around the world, including DevWeek, GOTO, Software Architect, QCon, OOPSLA and ACCU. http://kevlin.tel @KevlinHenney


Allen Holub

Allen is a world-class expert in Agile process, software architecture, and OO design. He's built full-stack web applications, micro-services, compilers, database servers, real-time operating systems, and more. He provides guidance and training for all sizes of organizations, working with everyone from C-levels to developers. Allen has also written a dozen books and hundreds of articles, and taught for the University of California Berkeley Extension.

http://holub.com  @allenholub