SDD 2017 Schedule

Tuesday 16 May 2017



Track 3

An introduction to Kotlin

Coding Level 4
Advanced Level 2

Are you JVM curious but have heard terrible things about the Java language, too verbose, too much cermony, not functional enough, then Kotlin is the language for you. Kotlin is a language for the Java Virtual Machine that has been created by JetBrains, the folks that brought you ReSharper and IntelliJ Idea. As a language it is heavily influenced by C#. It brings many things to the JVM that Java doesn’t, such as properties. It is an OO language, but unlike Java and C# you can use it without declaring classes. It tries to remove much of the overhead from you code, cutting down the code needed to write constructors and properties for example. It also supports functional constructs such as immutability and higher-order functions. If you want to expand your horizons beyond the CLR then come and learn Kotlin.

Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

Kevin has been involved in software development for 30 years, starting out on DEC 20s and graduating through mainframes and onto all the versions of Windows. He divides his time between teaching, consultancy and getting his hands dirty with real coding in the real world. He’s taught Windows, MFC, C++, Java, and many other courses for a leading developer training company, and he’s worked as a technical architect at ICS Systems and at His primary areas of expertise are patterns and enterprise architectures, and in particular web application design and implementation. It wasn’t until MVC appeared that he finally felt he had come home to Microsoft. Now of course MVC is so last year, and Kevin is focusing more and more on rich clients using JavaScript and tools such as Knockout, Angular and Kotlin.

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