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Tuesday 16 May 2017



Track 2

A functional primer

Coding Level 4
Advanced Level 2

Functional programming offers an approach to code and architecture centred on the function. The clue is in the name. But what does that mean in practice? There’s more to functional programming than the function and more to good functional programming than using collection pipelines in hybrid languages. What are the benefits and design differences? What changes of style, convention and thinking get the most out of this approach? What distinguishes a good function from simply being procedural but with fewer side effects? From composability and immutability to concurrency and testing, this pair of sessions uses functional, non-functional, quasi-functional and hybrid languages to introduce key ideas in functional programming.

Kevlin Henney

Kevlin Henney

Kevlin is an independent consultant, trainer, reviewer and writer based in the UK. His development interests are in patterns, programming, practice and process. He has been a columnist for various magazines and web sites, a contributor to open source software and a member of more committees than is probably healthy. He is co-author of A Pattern Language for Distributed Computing and On Patterns and Pattern Languages, two volumes in the Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture series. He is also editor of 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know.  @KevlinHenney

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Wed 17 May 2017 at 16:00

Track 7

Turning development outside-In

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