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Tuesday 16 May 2017



Track 7

Visualise, document and explore your software architecture

Coding Level 3
Advanced Level 3

“We value working software over comprehensive documentation” is what the manifesto for agile software development says, with the typical misinterpretation of these few words being “don’t write documentation”. Of course, that’s not what the manifesto says and “no documentation” certainly wasn’t the intent. It seems that many software teams have lost the ability to communicate what it is they are building and it’s no surprise that these same teams often seem to lack technical leadership, direction and consistency. This session will look at various approaches and tools that you can use to visualise, document and explore your software architecture in order to build a better team.

Simon Brown

Simon Brown

Simon is an independent consultant specialising in technical leadership, communication and lightweight pragmatic approaches to software architecture. He is the author of 'Software Architecture for Developers', creator of the C4 software architecture model, and the founder of Structurizr, a SaaS to visualise, document and explore software architecture. He's a regular speaker at technical conferences around the world.  @simonbrown

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Track 7

Modular monoliths

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